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Waffles Busted

I know, I know, John Kerry is so old news. But, keep this Busted Looking At Boobies photo in mind if Barry offers him a position in his administration. A friend forwarded me the link where the picture is. NSFW.

A Star Wars Christmas

Heh. Cracked. Worst. Christmas. Ever.

ACLU Whining About Gov’t Charging Jihadi Involved In USS Cole Bombing

I ended up at ye olde ACLU’s webpage after reading this post at Hot Air regarding an “annoyance law” in Michigan, to see if ye olde ACLU would decry the law. Instead, I found GUANTÁNAMO BAY, Cuba – In one of its final moves at the Guantánamo military commissions, the Bush administration referred charges in […]

Jerry Brown Says “Thwart The Will Of Californians”

So, the Democrat mantra is “count every vote! Direct Democracy!” But, doesn’t mean they actually will implement the will of the voters California Attorney General Jerry Brown changed course on the state’s new same-sex marriage ban Friday and urged the state Supreme Court to void Proposition 8. In a dramatic reversal, Brown filed a legal […]

Santa In Iraq

Spreading the holiday cheer Santa brought some Christmas cheer to the lives of Iraqi children gathered at Baghdad’s International Zone on Friday, handing out presents and posing for photographs. Dozens of Christian and Muslim children came together for the occasion which appeared to be well received by all. Bill Shober who dressed up as Santa […]

Christmas Gift For Iraq Veteran

A special Christmas LA MARQUE (Texas) — David Trejo, 1, and his sister, Trinity, 3, got to open some of their Christmas gifts early. So did their parents, only they didn’t open gifts of a firetruck or a stuffed dog. Rather, they were given keys to a new house. Former U.S. Army Spc. Sergio Trejo […]

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