Daily Archives: December 23, 2008

Andrew Sullivan Award Of The Day

They say it takes all kinds. These kinds we can do without New Bedford fire officials say a homeowner using a blowtorch to melt ice on his back porch set the home on fire causing up to $30,000 in damage. Is there really any point in going farther? Well, yeah It took 25 firefighters to […]

Now The Washington Post Is Whining About Rick Warren

Seriously, the graphic with the crying baby really is a perfect representation of the Democrat Party. Richard Cohen: Warren On? Party Off Not that he was planning to attend, but Barack Obama should know that my sister’s inauguration night party — the one for which she was preparing Obama Punch — has been canceled. The […]

Retailers Taking The Christmas Out Of Christmas

Anyone surprised? And with the holiday that dare not speak its name almost upon us, nowhere is that phenomenon more noticeable, or more indefensible, than in the advertising sales circulars of the national retail chains that come by the dozen in newspapers, especially on Sundays. A review of those sales brochures from the day after […]

Barry’s Community Page Still Active?

I’d ask someone to correct me if I’m wrong, but, last time I checked, Obama won the General Election. Didn’t he? And he now has that pretty change.gov travesty active. So why in the hell is his campaign website still active? And we still get wacky things like this Would we be better off now […]

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