Daily Archives: December 13, 2008

A Men’s Guide To Buying Lingerie

Of course, you should have probably already done this by this time of the day, guys, but, hey, there is always tomorrow Men see lingerie as gift-wrapping for a shag; women generally want something more lasting than a one-night lingerie stand. No wonder expensive mistakes happen. Many men have trouble equating the scanty thing on […]

Thought On Blago And Barry’s Birth Certificate

Just a thought: why is it OK for all sorts of Conservative pundits to engage in theories about “what did Obama and his staff know and when did they know it?”, but, when other Conservatives want to know about Obama’s birth certificate and eligibility to serve as president, vis a vis “natural born,” we are branded […]

Playboy Gets Into The Christmas Spirit

And manages to really tick off an enormous amount of people in Mexico, and now that they know about it, the world. Good job, Playboy! PLAYBOY has got into the Christmas spirit – by putting the Virgin Mary NUDE on its cover. The controversial mag’s latest festive offering is sure to kick up a storm […]

Old Tear Gas Used In Greece: Poor Rioting Babies

Say, have you heard about all the rioting that has been going on in Greece? Thousands of Greek protesters clashed with riot police yet again in Athens today, as police started to run out of tear gas after battling rioters day and night for a whole week. Police sources said their riot squads had fired […]

Taxpayers Furious Over Mortgage Bailouts. Ya Think?

I’m probably not being fair to CNN for putting this story in the “Um, DUH!” category and making fun of their headline, since I am amazed that they would actually publish the story, but, DUH! The story is from the 5th, but, still relevant Ask most Americans whether they’re in favor of spending taxpayer dollars […]

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