Old Tear Gas Used In Greece: Poor Rioting Babies

Say, have you heard about all the rioting that has been going on in Greece?

Thousands of Greek protesters clashed with riot police yet again in Athens today, as police started to run out of tear gas after battling rioters day and night for a whole week.

Police sources said their riot squads had fired 4,600 tear gas canisters this week as rioters torched hundreds of banks and shops and occupied their campuses, where police after forbidden by law from entering.

Great law, eh? Anyhow, that’s quite a bit of tear gas, but, um, what?

The police have asked Israel and Germany to send them emergency supplies, while protesters claimed that they had been using old stock from the 1980s in a desperate bid to contain the rioting. They claimed that corroded chemicals were causing some demonstrators to collapse and need medical attention.

“We found tear gas canister dated from 1981,” said one demonstrator, calling himself only GK. “The old chemicals make us sick, people have fainted and have trouble breathing,” he said.

I don’t really have to explain how insanely ridiculous that is, do I? Or who brought it upon the rioters? “How dare you use old tear gas as we burn things down!” Cue violins.

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2 Responses to “Old Tear Gas Used In Greece: Poor Rioting Babies”

  1. Duncan says:

    Um. Doesn’t NEW tear gas cause people to “faint” and “have trouble breathing” as well. I mean, NEW tear gas probably isn’t conducive to clear breathing, as well as seeing. Kinda the point. If anything, you’d think it would be LESS effective as it got older. Ofcourse, this is just an attempt by the “angry youths” to claim some sort of victimhood at the hands of big, bad, gubmint. They certainly have my sympathies… 8;)

  2. But, but, but, they are Liberals! They deserve the latest and greatest for their efforts 😀

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