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Double Idiocy From The Washington Post: Republicans And Wishes

What do you want first? Well, since you can’t actually answer me till I post this sucker, let’s see a little follow up to the earlier post about old Newt (I got better. Please tell me I don’t have to explain) Republicans Revolt on RNC’s Obama-Blago Strategy by Chris Cillizza Must be lots of them, […]

Lingerie That Opens Up With Loud Noise? Not Wise In The Middle East

The buildup Just off the crowded central market in Old Damascus, a sales assistant called Mahmoud is giving me my first introduction into an unusual Syrian speciality – musical knickers. The garments come in many different shapes and colours, and play little tunes – or other extraneous noises like telephone ringtones – all made by […]

Christmas Time: Toys For Tots, The New White Meat, Nutballs

Usually, these stories tend to focus on Christmas haters doing Christmas hating things. Not today (well, not yet today, anyhow.) Let’s start with how you can help The Marines have been making children’s Christmas dreams come true for nearly 60 years, but the corps may be seeing fewer smiles this year. With demand up due […]

Newt Says Pull The Blago Ad

For those who haven’t seen Newt’s letter I was saddened to learn that at a time of national trial, when a president-elect is preparing to take office in the midst of the worst financial crisis in over seventy years, that the Republican National Committee is engaged in the sort of negative, attack politics that the […]

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