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The Sun’s Top 100 Women Of The Year

Leave it to The Sun, the cheekiest paper in the world This year’s been packed with crackers to feast our eyes on. Page 3 beauties grabbed the headlines as usual. Nicola McLean became a star for her bra-vura turn on I’m A Celeb and Keeley was voted sexiest woman on the planet in a US […]

Those Wacky Tolerant RoPers Hate The Blind

And their dogs A blind man was allegedly turned away from an Indian restaurant – because the owner said it was against his Muslim beliefs to allow dogs into his establishment. Alun Elder-Brown, who was among a party of birthday guests, said he was even threatened with a police call if his guide dog Finn […]

WoC: Salvation Army Told To Stop Annoying Other Religions

It’s becoming way to easy to find War On Christmas stories nowadays, particularly from England, but, those on the left keep telling us there is no war on Christmas. Hummmmmmm For 130 years they have been part of Christmas, filling the air in towns across the land with music and carols. But one thing is […]

Grey Lady: The Lightbringer Can Heal All Wounds In Africa

Your snort worthy Op-Ed from the New York Times. After spending many, many, many paragraphs describing how bad the conflict between Rwanda and Congo has been, including a slight mention of the genocide in Rwanda (but no mention of how many – 850,000 – nor how the United Nations and Clinton looked the other way), […]

Grey Lady Wonders If Blogo Actually Did Something Wrong

The big question is, is The New York Times publishing the story to protect a Democrat (a label they failed to assign to Blogojevich anywhere in the story), or, just simply a story with no political calculation? Kinda hard to know with the MSM anymore. Legal Hurdle in Blagojevich Case: A Crime, or Just Talk? […]

Things That Upset The Nanny State: Crosses In Jail Churches

Well, this was ALMOST one of those Christmas hating stories, but, better yet, it’s a plain old hating on Christianity story involving the Nanny state and Muslims, though, to be honest, it wasn’t Muslims who asked for the cross to be banned JAIL bosses have sparked fury by banning a cross from their new chapel […]

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