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Why Are Meteorologists Such AGW Skeptics?

Answer: Dick Goddard said the answer is that weather forecasters appreciate better the lack of reliable records. “There’s only one constant, and that’s change,” he said. “We’ve only got accurate weather records back to 1874 and things have been changing back and forth since long before that.” Bernier said local meteorologists “are just more practical” […]

DU Thread Of The Day: Boooosh! In Prison!

Impeachment isn’t good enough. Having fun with impeachment Christmas ornaments isn’t good enough. Nope. Bush in jail is the only thing that will satisfy the insane left. For about 10 minute, probably, but, let’s start with the unhinged article that started it all off: George W. Bush belongs in prison Electing Barack Obama president was […]

Egyptian Cleric Compares Shakira To Prostitute

  An Egyptian cleric assured that (Shakira) “could be a lovely person. Yet beauty is something relative that cannot be found in the butt or legs of a woman, but in her moral values”… Khaled Al-Gindi said: “it’s like being a prostitute. In this country we respect moral values ahead of the values of a […]

The Dhimmification Of Britain Continues: Coming Soon To A Church!

Seriously, what is there to say? Muslim prayer rooms should be opened in every Roman Catholic school, church leaders have said. The Catholic bishops of England and Wales also want facilities in schools for Islamic pre-prayer washing rituals. The demands go way beyond legal requirements on catering for religious minorities. Now the Catholic Church of […]

Good News For The Pro-Amnesty Crowd: Here Comes Cecilia Muñoz

Change you can believe in! An 18-year veteran of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), who advocated for federal legislation to give the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States a path to citizenship, has been tapped for President-elect Barack Obama’s White House staff.  Cecilia Muñoz, who currently serves as senior vice […]

How’s The AGW Going? Ask The Snow Lions

Who turned off the heat? There’s nothing a lion likes better than stretching out in the sun to take a lazy afternoon nap. But if they had any hopes of  warm weather, this pride in Scotland were in for a big disappointment when temperatures dropped below zero yesterday.  Maybe they could send Al Gore over, […]

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