Egyptian Cleric Compares Shakira To Prostitute

Shakira Shakira

An Egyptian cleric assured that (Shakira) “could be a lovely person. Yet beauty is something relative that cannot be found in the butt or legs of a woman, but in her moral values”…

Khaled Al-Gindi said: “it’s like being a prostitute. In this country we respect moral values ahead of the values of a superficial appearance.” 

Via The Latin Americanist

This is from back on November 24th, and, really, just is an excuse to post a few hot photos of Shakira, who, to be honest, sounds like a chipmunk to me, but, that’s not the point >:D<

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2 Responses to “Egyptian Cleric Compares Shakira To Prostitute”

  1. Duncan says:

    Yeah, I’m not a fan of Shakira’s music either… but then again, I’m not looking at her music…. (note: she’s still better than Jennifer Lopez, both singing and the junk-in-the-trunk)

  2. What ever happened to J-Lo? She has pretty much disappeared. Shakira is nice on the eyes.

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