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Imagined My Death

Click it for full size. Via DailyHaHa.com

Here’s A Good One

I oughta take a picture. On the right side of my head, right where sunglasses would be, I have a small burn mark in the shape of a .22 cartridge. Damned thing flew out, landed on the shooting glasses. Crap that hurt! Click for full size. Trying a new plugin, FancyZoom Kinda hard to see, […]

AGW Today: Global Warming Redefined

Oh, Lord Looking back at 2008 two things seem have dominated many editions of The WHT – the weather and the environment. We had a warm spell in January that caused a lot of flooding, followed by many days of near record snowfall in February. Then, in April summer arrived for a few days with […]

USA Today Tells Us That The Surge Worked

After years of a constant Credentialed Media drumbeat of how bad the war deaths have been, particularly in Iraq, while mostly avoiding mention of the decreases caused by The Surge, now, with 21 days left with Dubya as President, they want to tell us how great things have gone because of The Surge. Perhaps some […]

Sarahcuda Is The Most Desirable Celebrity Neighbor

Where’s Barry? If they had to live next door to a celebrity, American adults would most like to be neighbors with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and chat show host Oprah Winfrey. But trouble-prone pop star Britney Spears would be the worst celebrity neighbour, according to a survey published on Tuesday of the most and least […]

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