Here’s A Good One

I oughta take a picture. On the right side of my head, right where sunglasses would be, I have a small burn mark in the shape of a .22 cartridge. Damned thing flew out, landed on the shooting glasses. Crap that hurt!

Burn Mark

Click for full size. Trying a new plugin, FancyZoom

Kinda hard to see, but, nice little “T,” eh?

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5 Responses to “Here’s A Good One”

  1. FireWolf says:

    p-( Damn, I wanted to see that picture too. p-((

  2. joated says:

    At least you didn’t shoot your eye out! 😉

  3. Got it up, Firewolf. One of my peeps at work asked me what happened, hadn’t even noticed. Happened Monday.

    You betcha, joated. I’ve had a few snap back and hit the safety goggles. Great ammo, Winchester, fired maybe 1000 rounds, no jams, no hangups, but, they do like to really pop out 🙂

  4. Michael says:

    L-) Well, its all fun and games….
    Dude, your eye is scarry when you do the fancy zoom….

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