Double Idiocy From The Washington Post: Republicans And Wishes

What do you want first? Well, since you can’t actually answer me till I post this sucker, let’s see a little follow up to the earlier post about old Newt (I got better. Please tell me I don’t have to explain)

Republicans Revolt on RNC’s Obama-Blago Strategy by Chris Cillizza

Must be lots of them, eh? Tons?

Newt Gingrich (Ga.), the former Speaker of the House and a potential candidate for president in 2012…

His chorus of dissent was joined later in the day by Patrick Ruffini..

So, 2?

The sentiments expressed publicly by Gingrich and Ruffini are echoed privately by a number of Republican strategists who view the attempts to link Blagojevich and Obama as nothing more than a fool’s errand given the lack of evidence that the public sees any real connection between the two men.

Ah, the old “unnamed sources.” Uh huh. I guess we will just have to take Chris’ word for it. Considering how well the “Republican strategists” have done over the past 2 election cycles, we should listen to them why, exactly?

And, are you ready for the WP losing any measure of partiality?

Hoping to make a little cash off of Barack Obama’s inauguration (that’s certainly nothing new…), Washington Post.Newsweek Interactive and the Washington Post’s classifieds departments have launched “Welcome to the White House”, a classifieds “forum that lets users post congratulatory announcements to the Obama family.”

Granted, these are in the classified section, and the prices start at $10, but, hmm, as one commenter points out “About time WAPO concedes that they abandoned objectivity!” I don’t remember them doing this for Bush the two times he won, do you?

I wonder what would happen if one of us submitted something that is critical of The One?

Allahpundit: Even a blackhearted nonbeliever like me can’t help admiring true religious devotion when he sees it.

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