Today’s Feel Good Story: Dad Home Early From Iraq

The spirit of Christmas

When Tina Wood took her children to visit Santa at the Port Charlotte Town Center mall in November, she never thought the experience would bring her to tears.

After asking for the games Hungry Hungry Hippos and Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, 3-year-old Aidan asked for something that shocked everyone within earshot.

“He got really close to Santa, wrapped his arms around his neck, and said, ‘Santa, I have been a good boy and I help Mommy with my little sister and I clean up after myself,'” explained 30-year-old Tina. “Then he said, ‘Santa, can you please bring Daddy home from Iraq?'”

And then, Wednesday, they went back to see Santa

After waiting for his turn in line, Aidan climbed up on Santa’s lap.

“Do you remember what you asked me to get you for Christmas?” asked Santa, also known as Paul Gagnon.

“Hungry Hungry Hippos!” exclaimed Aidan, a response that received a lot of laughs from onlookers.

“What else?” Santa pried.

After another guess, Aidan grew quiet and finally said, “My daddy.”

“That’s it,” said Santa, signaling Chris. “And here he comes.”

Without delay, Chris emerged from his hiding place, jumped the fence separating him from his son and embraced Aidan.

As the crowd erupted into applause and tears, Chris turned to Santa and said, “Thank you. This was a really nice present.”

But the tears were soon replaced with laughter as Aidan exclaimed, “I still want the games.”

I’m a little too misty eyed to write anything on this, and, besides, what could possibly be added?

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