A Global Warming Christmas

I guess we are now looking at the Climaysterics using Christmas as an excuse to push their silly agenda. Funnily, the people who Believe in AGW are usually the same folks who bitch about Christmas decorations and such being in the public eye.

Let’s start with the Christmas trees

North Carolina Rep. Heath Shuler and forestry observers are warning that climate change could alter the state’s Christmas trees.

Shuler and others plan to hold a press conference Thursday to discuss the impact of climate change.

North Carolina’s large growth of Fraser firs make the state a leader in Christmas tree production. This year, one of the state’s Fraser firs is featured in the White House. But the trees rely on the cool temperatures in the southern Appalachians. Officials say global warming could make it difficult for Fraser firs to continue growing in the state.

As the simple saying goes, got proof? It’s funny, these are the same types of people who did not believe in keeping the G’itmo vacationers locked up because if released they could end up back out on the battlefield killing Americans, yet, when it comes to AGW, HEY! this could happen and that could happen. Listening to them is like visiting Madame Zelda’s at the carnival.

Moving on, letters to Santa

Last year, she said, it seemed every child wanted nothing more than a Nintendo Wii game system. This year many worried about global warming, asking such things as, “Is the snow melting? How are the polar bears holding up?”

Barf. Maybe the kiddies didn’t read about AGW believers scoffing at the idiocy put out by Believers. See Ed Morrissey for discourse.

It’s not your Father’s Christmas play

Last night, December 15, I attended the [local Elementary School’s Christmas Production].

The children were well rehearsed, and the principle characters read their parts remarkably well. The closing number’s choreography was cute. The singing was outstanding.

In my opinion, it was the worst show I have ever seen in my half century of living!

I was not prepared when I was tricked into sitting through a half hour long political statement on “Global Warming.” I was not appreciative that my grand-daughter is being taught this unproven theory of mankind destroying the Earth, and that even Santa must do something to prevent its self-destruction.

The program Santa Goes Green began with a lively number Merry, Merry Christmas. The children’s chorus sang Christmas wishes to the audience as Santa and Mrs. Claus appeared on stage. The show went downhill from there; Mrs. Claus informed Santa how terribly wasteful many traditions are, including how even Rudolf changed his nose to an LED light, all the while forgetting that the original was lit by an inner light of love that did not use power at all.

And it continued on in that vein. I’d probably want to open a vein if I had to sit through the play. And speaking of Santa Goes Green

A children’s book author hopes that her new Christmas story will help kids realize that they can have an impact on global warming.

Santa Goes Green (Mackinac Island Press, $15.95) is the story of a boy, Finn, who writes Santa and asks him to help raise awareness about global warming. Finn is interested in the environmental issue because he has adopted a polar bear, and polar bears are losing habitat to global warming.

To hell with the peace on Earth, goodwill towards Men. We gots ta save da polar bears!!!!

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3 Responses to “A Global Warming Christmas”

  1. Caitlin says:

    i cant believe that you think you can just say what you want. my mom (anne margaret lewis) was not pushing any agenda simply trying to share her love of polar bears. her main message that she wants to get out to kids is that they too can make a difference no matter how big or small it matters, it just happens that kids love fuzzy cute things and saving them is a good motivation for little ones, plus isnt it okay to just enjoy a simple children’s book with cute illustrations once in a while?

  2. Sorry, Caitlan, but, first, I do not buy in to the AGW thing, and second, I see no reason to use Christmas as a way of pushing a political agenda on kids. I have no problem with pushing love of the environment. Believe it or not, I am very much an environmentalist, and I bet there are many things in the book which make quite a bit of sense, and are great ideas, just like with Live Earth book, but, I see no reason to link real environmentalism to global warming. Let it stand on its own.

    • caitlin says:

      Obviously you did not even read what I wrote. I might respect anything you have to say if you took the time to read what I had to say, but instead you just decided to keep on with what you felt like saying and believeing. I understand what you are saying and even though it does seem like a global warming book, like I said previously, it is mainly about empowering children to know that they can make a difference in anything they choose and polar bears just seemed to be a cute motivator. duh, kids like cute things!

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