Another Contestant For Teacher Of The Year

Because it is that time of the year when nominations are taken, as well as awards for teacher of the year

An Old Bridge High School drama teacher was arrested today on charges she had a sexual relationship with a male student that started in February, authorities said.

Lisa Glide, 35, of Howell Township, Monmouth County, faces a second-degree charges of sexual assault and child endangerment, Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce Kaplan said in a statement issued today.

The prosecutor’s office began an investigation into Glide on Nov. 25 after receiving information about the sexual relationship, Kaplan said. Investigators determined Glide began having a sex with the boy in February, when he was still a student at the school, Kaplan said.

Quick, someone contact the Monmouth County School Board and nominate her.

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3 Responses to “Another Contestant For Teacher Of The Year”

  1. Pynk says:

    Old Bridge High School is in MIDDLESEX county (where a teacher lives has nothing to do with where the school is), and she was, in fact, one of the nicest well respected teachers in our school and did LOOOONG strides for our schools arts programs for students. And it’s not even determined that anything HAPPENED yet. It’s media jumping to conclusions. Especially considering she had just come out of the hospital having a brain tumor removed in February, it sounds more like a kid going off on a hoax or a bluff turned wrong. No? A lot of these posts are smartly commented and have nice thought behind them, but this is wrong. Besides, what does the title and comment have ANYTHING to do with the situation? Ass. =[

  2. You’re right, she teaches in Middlesex County. Darn, I wrote the wrong county. Big woop. Sure looks like the prosecutors think she did something wrong.

    I’m sorry the sarcasm of the title is lost on you.

    • Pynk says:

      That was horrible sarcasm, because the relationships a teacher has has no meaning to whether or not she’s a good teacher. And prosecution didn’t DO anything yet. NOBODY has any idea about what really happened besides Glide and the kid.

      I love the other articles, but it pisses me off that you wouldn’t do more looking at something than guess where the school is and not look into anything about what actually happened. Considering that article has nothing but words out of the kid’s mouth.

      Fuck you. >:(

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