Hey, Look, Now There Is A Green Bible

Just because, even though it is Monday, you haven’t said “are you #&^**@ kidding me?

In this day and age, you can buy a Bible aimed at almost any demographic imaginable.

There are Bibles for everyone from toddlers to teenage girls to recovering addicts. There are even Bibles on disc, narrated by James Earl Jones and Johnny Cash.

But it’s the recently published Green Bible that is causing a stir in the religious community.

Supporters of the book, which highlights verses related to what believers call “God’s creation” and his desire for humans to protect it, say they hope it will encourage more Christians, particularly evangelicals, to embrace environmentalism.

Now, there is nothing wrong with being green, in the old sense, ie, you enjoy the environment and want to preserve it, rather then todays “you must be carbon neutral to be green!!!!” followed by a good old Howie Dean scream. But, seriously, a green Bible?

But others fear the new Bible, which has been endorsed by secular groups such as the Sierra Club and the Humane Society, will mislead Christians.

“I am concerned that many who call themselves Christians, or intend to speak for Christianity, don’t interpret the Bible literally,” said James Taylor, a founding elder and Sunday-school teacher at Living Water Christian Fellowship in Palmetto, Fla. “These groups don’t have a religious focus; they have a desire to spread their environmental message.”

Hmm, so the green Bible is apparently not so innocent. And, yeah, the message put out in this Bible does rather distract from the Word of the Lord.

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One Response to “Hey, Look, Now There Is A Green Bible”

  1. Duncan says:

    Well, the Word of the Lord went out ’bout 40 to 50 years ago. Now we have the Word of the Gore, followed shortly by the Word of the Obama, that we will get to recite in our public schools and squares….

    This reminds me of when the NIV decided to go “gender neutral” due to a PC infestation. I refuse to purchase a bible that has been scrubbed by the thought-police…

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