Obama, Golf, Palestinian Lobbyists

Poor Barry. Just trying to take a long, long vacation, play a few rounds, and those darned lobbyists keep bugging him. Can you imagine the way the press would have treated Bush in 2000, or, heck, McCain had he not blown the election, if he was taking a long vacation as there was a financial meltdown and now an Israel-kicking-Hamas-butt offensive going on?

After loading his clubs onto a cart, Obama, wearing sunglasses, a white shirt, khaki shorts, white and brown golf shoes, and a red baseball cap emblazoned with the City and County of Honolulu’s Ocean Safety logo, drove down to the driving range….

I also heard his skivvies were tighty whities and his socks were Nike brand with reinforced heels!

Prior to leaving for the course at about 11 a.m., a group of five people approached the security checkpoint set up by the U.S. Secret Service and Honolulu police carrying a box wrapped with a gold ribbon. The group, led by Fred and Pat Shepherd from Greenbrae, Calif., and Robert Steiver, 65, of Honolulu, asked the Secret Service if they could deliver the box and a letter to Obama.

The Secret Service said negative. And the Shepards, clueless Palestinian activists, actually are quoted as saying they didn’t believe Barry is on vacation, but working to learn to be President. Uh huh. The DVD is all about how Israel and the Jews are evil, and the Palestinians are good people. Snicker.

Anyhow, Israel has rejected a truce, and says they will continue until Hamas is crippled. And, as you could easily predict, the world, made up of raging progressives/Jew haters, are rallying around those poor Palestinian jihadis.

Pam Gellar has a great roundup of photos from protests.

And, of course, we have American liberal bloggers, such as Firedoglake and Buck Naked Politics, taking the side of the Palestinians. Larry Johnson at No Quarter thinks that Israel just has to sit back and take the attacks by Hamas. He says they can use counter-battery fire, but, that is it. Hey, Larry, Hamas wanted a war, now they are getting their wish. Maybe if they stop surrounding themselves with civilians…..

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5 Responses to “Obama, Golf, Palestinian Lobbyists”

  1. […] this from Pirate’s cove: Prior to leaving for the course at about 11 a.m., a group of five people approached the security […]

  2. riggword says:

    So, Obama is a golf snob.
    His brother in law is a basketball coach.

    But does Obama like baseball?

    That is the question.

    By the way I am also a Dodger fan and both of my comments have had dodgers as the security word.

    Thanks for that,

  3. damozel says:

    I am writing this comment again because the one I wrote the same time disappeared with no note that it was in moderation or anything, and I wanted to make sure this came through. It’s important to me because you completely mischaracterized what I said.

    I am pro-Israel and do NOT in any way support Hamas. I don’t think this was the right course of action for Israel or that it will have the desired outcome. As history shows, meeting violence with violence just ensures more of the same.

    Because Hamas is always wrong, it does not follow that Israel is always right. But of course the automatic response of the right to the threat is fear followed by anger followed by the desire for vengeance—never mind whether vengeance brings more of the same, as history has proved time and time again it does.

    I realize that line-drawing is anathema to the far right, but surely at some level you can see that it’s possible for both sides to be wrong.

    It’s true I hold Israel to a higher standard than Hamas—I shouldn’t have to explain why that is. In defending themselves, civilized societies have to stand as an example or else people will see them as no better than those who do them harm.

    And yes, I do deplore the “collateral damage” which has ensued—it’s saddening that Palestinian children are dying along with their parents, whatever role their parents may have played. What can I say? I’m a Quaker. The innocent die along with the guilty, and those who survive live to take revenge, but I don’t believe that this is what God wants or intends.

  4. Sorry about that, damozel. Bad Behavior (it’s a protection plugin) must have eaten it. It wasn’t in Akismet when I checked.

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