UselessA Today: Say, Maybe We Should Rethink G’itmo

After years of the Credentialed Clueless Media discussing the vacationers at Guantanamo Bay with a plaintive cry, hey, Barry’s a comin’, maybe we should reconsider

President-elect Barack Obama vowed on the campaign trail to shut down the terrorist detention center at Guantanamo Bay. But he never said what he would do with the prisoners there.

What to do with the 250 alleged foreign terrorists at the Cuba prison is the real question facing Obama, experts say.

Terrorism experts and two recent analyses of unclassified information on the prison population indicate the men who remain there are either committed, highly skilled al-Qaeda operatives too dangerous to ever free, or Islamists whose native countries would do little to prevent them from rejoining the jihad.

“The words sounds simple, but it’s wrapped in some very complex issues,” Air Force Col. Mo Davis, former chief prosecutor at Guantanamo, said of shutting down the prison. “Saying it is a lot easier than doing it.”

Obama really is a Lightworker, to get the MSM to change their tune, eh? All of a sudden, they are now acknowleding that the Club G’itmo folks are actually, well, bad people, and what to do with them?

Guantanamo opened in 2002 and once held hundreds of foreigners caught on battlefields overseas or nabbed based on intelligence against them. About 500 detainees since have been returned home. Some were low-level al-Qaeda sympathizers. Other, more dangerous men were released because their home countries vowed to keep tabs on them, according to the Pentagon.

Still, the Pentagon has said several of those freed did return to jihad. One man released to his native country of Kuwait blew himself up in Iraq in May, killing six people.

Of the detainees who remain in Guantanamo, about 80 will be tried and either kept there or sent home to serve their sentences. Another 60 have been cleared for release, though the Pentagon has not found countries to accept them.

So now we get the truth and thoughful introspection with GWB leaving office in less then 30 days. No, no, no media bias there!


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2 Responses to “UselessA Today: Say, Maybe We Should Rethink G’itmo”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    Conservatives have to start pushing hard on Jan 20th for the closing of GITMO and for the prisoners/terrorists to be released in the 5 largest (liberal) cities in the U.S.

  2. Michael says:

    The One will make the world like us again. or is that The One will make us like the rest of the world?
    Here, I made you some Kool-aid, drink it

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