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Bush 41 Goes Green. Sort Of

And good for him. If only Ted “Hiccup” Kennedy would follow along and allow the Cape Wind Project to proceed ( His son may be known as a big friend to Big Oil, but George Herbert Walker Bush is showing a green streak these days. The former president earlier this month installed a 33-foot-high, $14,000 […]

Battlestar Galactica Rant

So, I recorded the 2 hour episode of Battlestar Galactica, Razor, what, Saturday night, and finally got around to watching it last night. It was pretty good, whetted the appetite for more. And there in lies the problem (bad language coming) Near the end of the episode, they were nice enough to tell us when […]

France: Day 3 Of The Riots

I’m sure day 4 should be starting in a few hours, since France is 7 hours ahead of the Eastern seaboard. I wonder if these riots are going to become the national sport of the immigrants to France, quite of few who are illegal and are Muslims from countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa. […]

WTW: Cabbies Becoming More Comfortable In Baghdad

Morning, y’all. Prophet Sallami Sallami Mohammed here on another White Trash Wednesday, and, like the Democrat Party and liberals worldwide, I am not happy with what is going on in Iraq. Things are starting to look rosy. I mean, Baghdada is probably less dangerous then Camden, Detroit, or Washington, D.C., at this point Haider Abbas, […]

Saudi Arabia Releases 1,500 Terrorists. Wonderful

Heard about this on the Neal Boortz show while driving to work. Fortunately, Rusty has the story, so, do not have to look for it (NY Sun): On the eve of the Annapolis summit on the Middle East conflict, the Saudi royal family released 1,500 members of Al Qaeda from prison, requiring them only to […]

Right Wing News: GOP Primary Temperature Check

Y’all head on over to Right Wing News for the latest temperature check, regarding the GOP primaries.

Trees Lie: World Warmer Centuries Ago

Well, now. How do the climahysterics argue with, you know, facts? (Andrew Bolt – Herald Sun) The IPCC used it in its third assessment report. Al Gore used it in his movie. In fact, no graphic has had such a huge effect as the infamous hockeystick produced by Michael Mann, who used tree ring data […]

TLF: NY Times Giddy That U.S.S.R. Is Back!

You really do have to love the socialists at the NY Times. They provide such wonderful comedy relief. Witness Empowered by an oil boom that pushed the country’s trade surplus past $94 billion this year, Russia has been flexing its muscles abroad. At home, meanwhile, young and trendy Muscovites are in the throes of nostalgia […]

Cheney In Hospital With Irregular Heartbeat. Libs Rejoice

I actually just heard about this on the drive home, hadn’t had a chance to check the news since about 2pm. I’m actually surprised so few are actually discussing this issue. Vice President Dick Cheney will undergo further evaluation Monday of an irregular heartbeat, found Monday morning during a checkup for lingering cold symptoms, Cheney’s […]

Al Qaeda Looking To Explode Dirty Bomb

Not that this should be anything really new, except for the source The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has warned that terrorists might detonate a “dirty bomb” in a major city sooner than later. William Nye, Home Office director of counter-terrorism and intelligence, told delegates that al-Qaida is actively seeking high-grade uranium and plutonium in […]

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