Bush 41 Goes Green. Sort Of

And good for him. If only Ted “Hiccup” Kennedy would follow along and allow the Cape Wind Project to proceed

(Boston.com) His son may be known as a big friend to Big Oil, but George Herbert Walker Bush is showing a green streak these days.

The former president earlier this month installed a 33-foot-high, $14,000 electricity-generating wind turbine at Walker’s Point, the Bush clan’s Kennebunkport, Maine, summer home.

Bush père hasn’t gone completely save-the-Earth, of course. When the time comes to “prudently recreate,” as the former president once famously put it, his choice of watercraft remains a 28-foot Cigarette speedboat powered by two gas-chugging 185-horsepower engines.

With steady Maine coast breezes, the Southwest Windpower Skystream 3.7 turbine should produce around 400 kilowatt-hours a month of electricity. That’s 80 percent of a typical home’s power demand. Not that the 26-room Bush place is a typical home.

First, why is it a problem to be a big friend to Big Oil? Does the media ever sit back and think about where Ted Kennedy and others in the Kennedy clan get their money?

Moving past that little tidbit of BDS and BODS, I say kudos to Bush 41 for that bit of alternative energy initiative. It is something that should be looked in to in most places that can depend on wind power. It would be spectacular if small units could be made to be put in yards or on roofs, and easily hooked in to the existing power supply, making it a primary source for home energy needs.

It’s more then Al Gore, John Kerry, and John Edwards, as well as others preaching about global warming have done, eh?

“The president and Mrs. Bush do appreciate the savings they’ll get,” (Bush spokesman Jim) Appleby said of the wind turbine. “It’s totally an independent decision on their part. It’s not to make any statement.”

Good for him. Too many people do things simply to make a statement, rather then because it is a good thing and/or the right thing to do. And too many want too make a big deal out of it, saying “look at me. Look at what I did.”

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2 Responses to “Bush 41 Goes Green. Sort Of”

  1. John Ryan says:

    the main source of the Kennedy fortune came from tgheir ownership of the Chicago Merchandise Mart. At one time the largest building in the world (until the completion of the Pentagon) Joe Kennedy paid 12.5 million in 1944 for a building that had cost 3 times that to build. When it was dold in the late 90s it went for 500 million. It also had been profitable in leases the entire time.

    Of course part of the distaste that Americans have for Big Oil is that Big Oil has enabled the despots of the mid east to finance radical islam. The fact that they are now buying up the USA with our now devalued currency is just salt in the wound.
    Oh one other thing Gore’s solar electric panels will generate more power than that but of course will be a bit more visible on the roof line than the small wind turbine. Any reason why they do not put up say 10 more ?

  2. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    “Dallas loves you Mr. President!”

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