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Latest Liberal Intellectual Exercise: Waterboarding The Kids

From the Party that keeps telling us how “smart” they are The Straight Story - So anyway, I was waterboarding one of my kids today trying to find out who spilled the juice on the floor. Children’s services busted in and told me they were taking the kids. I explained to them that the US govt […]

Bono Commits Liberal Suicide

Bono is proving that being liberal doesn’t mean one has to be insane and an appeaser, nor consumed by BDS. Of course, liberal in the British Isles doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as on the European mainland or here in the States. While I have not always agreed with him, Bono is no poser, and, […]

Most Ready For Green Change. But Will They?

This is a refrain I keep mentioning time and time again: climahysterics of all stripes, from the leaders who fly all over the world preaching how bad Man is, to their adherents, who lap up the proclamations, fail to live the lifestyle they claim will solve global warming. So, this poll is actually quite amusing […]

Code Pink On Waterboarding

Think Feinstein is having fun? Welcome to your nutjob constituents, Di! Meanwhile, despite that waterboarding hasn’t been used in years, and only on three al Qaeda members who were not US citizens, so many on the left are having hissy fits, such as Talk Left. Pop back in a little later this afternoon, and see […]

Aside: Right Wing News Interviews Ann Coulter

Check out Right Wing News, which features an interview of Ann Coulter. Excellent.

Beer Monday: That Fence Thing Doesn’t Work, Right?

Happy Monday! The start of a new work week, time to get busy, shift a few paradigms, think outside the box, be productive. How ’bout a beer? Labatt Blue Light – Switch – The funniest movie is here. Find it Perhaps all those who say that a border fence just cannot work should take to […]

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