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Iraq Awakens

While our troops take a well deserved break for a Thanksgiving meal, they can rest assured that they have done a great job in working towards a safe and stable Iraq Determined to rise up against al Qaeda terrorists, concerned local citizens, working together with coalition forces, have started neighborhood watch programs in this area […]

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Happy Thanksgiving To All!

Continuing the tradition of pinups on holidays   Turkey!!!!!     Here’s a cute game, Turkey Fling (SFW). See if you can beat 117K distance 🙂   I wonder if W will pull another surprise visit this Thanksgiving? Spending the day with the family at Camp David. I just cannot resist posting this moonbattery from the […]

Kookcinich Adds Bush To Impeachment Docs

Oh, goody, Kucinich is going even farther with his Kubuki theater. I had been looking for a good Thanksgiving seethathon, instead: PRESS ADVISORY Monday, November 19, 2007 Press Conference with Congressman Dennis Kucinich KUCINICH TO PRESS ON IMPEACHMENT PROCEDURE IN WASHINGTON. “AMERICANS HAVE FAITH IN THE FRAMERS OF THE CONSTITUTION AND DEMAND THE BALANCE OF […]

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