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Liberals Try Defeat And Retreat Again

Retreat and defeat will hit the floors of Congress again. Michelle Malkin has the 411. As she says, great way to usher in Veteran’s Day Weekend.

Climate Change “Greatest Scam In History”

Not quite sure if it is the greatest ever, but, if not, it sure comes close. But, it is not my opinion that is stating that; it is the opinion of John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, who has been doing the weather thing since 1953 It is the greatest scam in history. I […]

Global Cooling Coming! Run For The Deep South!

 No, really Brrrr! 10 degrees BELOW the norm on Wed in Raleigh during the day, and 11 at night, per WRAL. And we are having the same weather today, and for the next few. We will be well below the norm until Monday. Kinda makes that wopping 1 degree hotter, per the IPCC report, sound […]

Now We Have The Date Rape Drug In A Chinese Product

I’m just wondering, when is the Democrat led Congress going to get off its fanny and take up the issue of all the tainted Chinese products streaming into the U.S.A.? You would think the safety of our people, particularly the children, would be an important topic, a little more important then their retreat and defeat […]

TTLF: Love That Dem Middle Class Tax Cut (?) Plan!

Don’t ya just love how the Democrats are always yammering on about “tax cuts for the rich?” And how they have distorted the tax cuts as they refer to the Middle Class? And how they want to “roll back” the tax cuts on the rich? As Neal Boortz constantly states, if you get a paycheck, […]

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