Daily Archives: November 29, 2007

7.4 Earthquake Near Martinique

Yikes! A powerful earthquake rocked the eastern Caribbean on Thursday, sending office workers and shoppers on several islands fleeing into the streets. Minor injuries were reported on the island of Martinique. The earthquake which struck at 2 p.m. EST, with a magnitude of 7.4, was centered 26 miles southeast of Roseau, the capital of Dominica, […]

Good News: Illegals Using Welfare Even More!

Legal immigrants too Both immigrants and illegal aliens are more likely to be poor and to use welfare programs than native-born Americans because they come to the country with lower levels of education, according to a new study looking at U.S. Census Bureau data. “The problem here is not work, or a lack of willingness […]

6K Sunni’s Helping Out With Security In Iraq

And the good news just keeps coming! (h/t Vinnie at The Jawa Report) HAWIJA, Iraq —  Nearly 6,000 Sunni Arab residents joined a security pact with American forces Wednesday in what U.S. officers described as a critical step in plugging the remaining escape routes for extremists flushed from former strongholds. The new alliance — called […]

Aside: Israel Goes Hunting

John Hawkins at Right Wing News wishes Israel happy hunting.

Aside: France Calming Down

The riots by the RoP were much calmer on Wednesday night.

TLF: Paul Continues Defeatism, Isolationism + Hillary Plant!

Let’s start with the plant. Too tired to post it last night, but, via Warner Todd Huston at Stop the ACLU (plus buttloads of folks at Memeorandum. including Hot Air, Sister Toldjah, Outside The Beltway, Confederate Yankee, and Wizbang) General Keith Kerr who appeared as a “spontantous” questioner on CNN’s YouTube Republican Debates hosted by Anderson Cooper […]

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