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Dancing With The Stars

Real ones One of the latest from the Hubble Telescope Two galaxies perform an intricate dance in this new Hubble Space Telescope image. The galaxies, containing a vast number of stars, swing past each other in a graceful performance choreographed by gravity. Check the whole thing, and large images, here.

Pelosi And Other Top Dems Met With W After The Impeachment Palooza

No, really, they did. And they are even paper trained! Bush consults with speaker of the house, Pelosi. Meanwhile, other DUmmies want to impeach Pelosi, now. Some wonder if that can be done. The answer is “well, um, it depends.” It would be much easier, and more Constitutional, to expel her. Not that that is […]

More Moonbat Waterboarding

They really are cute in their insanity, aren’t they? (via Stop The ACLU) Seriously, they really are stark raving mad. Just yesterday I had a video of Code Wacko  fake waterboarding to annoy Diane Feinstein and a DU thread making a joke of waterboarding their kids. As repeated time and time again, it was used a […]

Border Security And DL’s For Illegals

It’s not all about the fence U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers failed to stop roughly 1 in 10 illegal immigrants and serious drug and weapons violators from entering the United States through airports and official land border crossings last year, according to a new congressional review. While screeners turned back more than 200,000 foreigners […]

Aside: Impeachment Palooza

Impeachment Palooza is coming to D.C. If only I had taken this week off instead of last. Would have loved to watch the hysterics live. Anyhow, keep an eye on this Michelle Malkin post thru the day for the 411.

TLF: David Obey Actual Uses The Word “Moral”

It is hard to take serious any Democrat who uses the word “moral” House Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-Wis.) accused President Bush on Monday of making “the wrong moral choice” in setting priorities for the federal budget. Obey said that while Bush is “pouring mountains of cash into the Iraqi civil war, at the same […]

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