Daily Archives: November 7, 2007

Jersey Girl Goes Truther

Maybe there was some truth to what Ann Coulter wrote? Patty Casazza goes wacked, not that that is unexpected, considering she is part of just the latest in a line of 9/11 conspiracy movies  It is a long video, so, how about some excerpts? “We did not have “evidence” presented at the 9/11 Commission, we […]

Crackheads Hacked My htaccess File

Serious language ahead Fucking sons of a bitch cocksuckers hacked my htaccess file at some point during the day, never did check the time, had to have happened after 3pm, which is when I last posted something with Crackberry. Fuck, shit, cocksmoking retards need to die die die! Fortunately, the idea that the fucktards may […]

Latest Episode of Terrorists Getting Wacked and Captured In Iraq

Not going to make the MSM, of course BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition Forces killed eight terrorists and detained 10 suspects Tuesday during operations to disrupt al-Qaeda and foreign terrorist networks in central and northern Iraq. Coalition forces targeted a suspected terrorist involved in planning improvised explosive device attacks and facilitating foreign terrorists during operations in […]

WTW: A Real Illegal Immigration Bill A ‘Commin!

Morning, y’all, Jebediah Murphy here with a bit of that old truth thang this fine Wednesday. Looking past the Impeachment Palooza theater, overriding Bush’s veto of the pork laden water bill, and a new retreat and defeat attempt, the Congress critters are actually doing something right More than 80 House Democrats and Republicans yesterday teamed […]

Ronulans Playing Even More Internet Games

Via Little Green Footballs, comes this story It took less than a month for Jason Francis to realize that he was not among allies at the so-called Fred Thompson Forum, a website purporting to support the candidacy of the Republican presidential contender. Maybe it was the site’s tagline — “Hope for North America” — that […]

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