WTW: A Real Illegal Immigration Bill A ‘Commin!

Morning, y’all, Jebediah Murphy here with a bit of that old truth thang this fine Wednesday. Looking past the Impeachment Palooza theater, overriding Bush’s veto of the pork laden water bill, and a new retreat and defeat attempt, the Congress critters are actually doing something right

More than 80 House Democrats and Republicans yesterday teamed up to propose a new immigration-enforcement bill, saying they reject the Senate’s two attempts at “amnesty” and signaling that only an enforcement measure can pass this Congress.

Led by Rep. Heath Shuler of North Carolina, a freshman Democrat who won election with a tough immigration-enforcement message, the bill also challenges conventional wisdom by showing a large number of rank-and-file Democrats agree with most Republicans that the first step should be a get-tough approach on border security.

That new approach includes going after businesses that hire illegal aliens, better information-sharing among federal agencies such as the IRS, Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration to track illegal aliens, and an increase in enforcement agents both at the border and in the nation’s interior.

Well, now, that is good news. It takes into account one of the main reasons that illegals come to the USA, for work. If you go after that reason, companies will think long and hard about employing them. And if there is little to no work, why would they come? Couple that with the other measures, and we can diminish the amount of illegals, especially the real criminial element, such as members of MS-13, dramatically.

This is H.R. 4088, submitted November 6.

“The reason you’re seeing so many of us standing here today, Democrats and Republicans, is this is the immigration reform bill the American people have been waiting for,” said Rep. Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania, a freshman who is one of 44 Democrats signing on as original co-sponsors, along with 40 Republicans.

Well, I would like to see some more details of the legislation, as the text is not available yet, but, I must say, it is disappointing that only 40 Republicans have signed on. Hopefully, more will join the party. Some of them are just not getting the point that illegal immigration is one of the top issues to Republicans, which is part of national security, and along with low taxes, limited government, and fiscal responsibility.

Now, I have to wonder if this will actually go anywhere, what with the San Francisco liberal wing in charge of the House

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats have said before they would bring an immigration bill to the floor, it must have significant Republican support. This bill may gain that support, but it’s not the type of measure Mrs. Pelosi was expecting when she called for Republicans to join with Democrats on immigration.

Her office yesterday didn’t return a call for comment, but those who oppose the bill doubted Democratic leaders will give Mr. Shuler’s bill much attention.

“I don’t see it gaining any traction. I think this is total showboating, not sound policy,” said Angela Kelley, director of the Immigration Policy Center. “We can all agree there needs to be effective enforcement, but clearly where there needs to be leadership is what do we do about the 11 million, what do we do about the limited number of visas for people entering legally.”

In other words, the Bill doesn’t give a “path to citizenship” to people who broke the law in coming to the USA, so despite so many of the citizens being against illegals, the Dem leadership, and certain many Republicans, will not like the bill. It has already been stuffed in to eight committees, and we will be lucky to see it on the House floor for a vote. Heck, the National Association of Police think it is good legislation. Too bad the Dem leadership will not listen.

Interestingly, our good liberal blog friend The Gun Toting Liberal has some harsh words for the Democrat leaders and hard Nutroots folks who are in lockstep over the specific issue of DL’s for illegals (which Teach touched on yesterday), and the broader amnesty one. I reckon I don’t mean “interestingly” as in “where did that come from,” but as “excellent story,” sure to get the Nutroots biggies to have hissy fits over his honesty and sound non-lemming thoughts.

In Prince William County, Maryland, Corey Stewart was re-elected to as chairman of the Board of Supervisors. He has led the serious crackdown over illegals and tough legislation, which he credits for his re-election.

As a matter of fact, many of the election wins in Maryland are being credited to being anti-illegal immigrant/immigration, per the left leaning Washington Post.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on the legislation, and write your Congress critter to support it, if they already don’t. Brad Miller, my local fool, is not on it. Check out the cosponsers.

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6 Responses to “WTW: A Real Illegal Immigration Bill A ‘Commin!”

  1. […] Thanks to my good friend William Teach of Pirate’s Cove for including this article in the WTW roundup… […]

  2. John Ryan says:

    The only way to stop them coming here is to remove the goal of employment. We already have the laws on the books Bush has failed to use those.

  3. Take ‘In God We Trust’ out of schools=Westboro…

    Once again we are confronted by the Marxist leanings of our edu-propagandist system. No wonder. It is alright to have the children mock the Muslim religion by pretending to participate in it, you must, but any mention of our national anthem? OH M ……..

  4. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    And Bubba Clinton didn’t fail us Comrade Ryan? Ryan wants those extra 20 million illegal votes to put his Defeatocrats back into the ‘ORAL’ Office next November.
    And where are the Chinese Americans that contributed $$$ to Hitlery Rotten Clinton, the ones that can’t be located?
    RUDY & HUCKABEE IN 2008… And GOD votes conservatively, when He has to!

  5. H.R. 4088 – Secure the borders, go after employers…

    House bill H.R. 4088 is a bill that we must first read carefully (if they ever put it on the docket) before we throw our whole hearted support behind it. As I understand it as of now, it appears that many freshman to Congress ‘got it’ when we demande…

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