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A Paultard Writes Andrew Sullivan

And Andy is kind enough to publish it, giving a forum to one of the Ronulans As an active, online Ron Paul supporter who likes to seek out debate with his detractors, I can’t tell you how many times I and others like me have encountered the “He’s a closet Nazi/Racist/Fascist” nonsense. I have literally […]

Concerned Iraqi’s Stepping Up

The news just keeps getting worse and worse for the left, what with their being invested in defeat and all (By Jamie Findlater at DefenseLink News) Captures of al Qaeda operatives and seizures of weapons caches in Iraq are up, and casualties are down, a senior military official in Baghdad told online journalists and “bloggers” […]

Illegal Immigration Today: Wider Rio Grande

Hmmm, now this is an interesting plan BROWNSVILLE, Texas (Reuters) – Texan mayors opposed to a planned border fence with Mexico want to widen and deepen the Rio Grande river instead, and say it will be more effective in keeping out illegal immigrants. The U.S. government aims to build 700 miles of new fencing along […]

WTW: The War On Christmas Has Started Begins Early

Good morning, infidels. Prophet Sallami Sallami Mohammed is in the house on this وهتي ترسه وإدنسداي (White Trash Wednesday.) Its been awhile since I made an appearence. Been doing some of that jihad stuff, working to convince your gullible left to continue their opposition to anything that George Bush does or recommends, along with getting […]

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