A Paultard Writes Andrew Sullivan

And Andy is kind enough to publish it, giving a forum to one of the Ronulans

As an active, online Ron Paul supporter who likes to seek out debate with his detractors, I can’t tell you how many times I and others like me have encountered the “He’s a closet Nazi/Racist/Fascist” nonsense. I have literally lost track of how many times I’ve sighed at yet another blatant attempt at character assassination—all stemming from the same worn out issue surrounding his newsletter in the 80’s; an issue which has been thoroughly explained/debunked … and yet this drivel persists.  Obviously, many on the Right and Left feel threatened by him and his burgeoning popularity, and they’re grasping for some potential crack in his armor, something that will stain the entire perception of him and his motivations because,  for a lot of people out there, Ron Paul is almost too good to be true.  Its almost as if people want to believe he’s a closet racist or neo-Nazi … It would humanize him. The existence of someone like Ron Paul, agree or disagree with him, essentially serves to remind us of how compromised and debased the vast majority of our representatives are … and that reflects on us, doesn’t it?

Really? Last time I checked, the Ron Paul supporters, at least the really active, excitable ones, have been calling anyone who doesn’t agree with Paul “neocons,” in an attempted, and constant, smear. None of them understand what the hell the term means, but, like the leftards, the Paultards like to throw it out. And then they call the neocons facists, not the other way around.

Also mentioned is smear about “guilt by association.” In fact, quite a few Ronulans seem to be Truthers and white supremacists, yet, the majority of the Paul supporters never repudiate those two viewpoints. More importantly, neither does Ron Paul, who seems to engage in conversation with the Truthers quite often. I wonder why?

Interesting how the writer discusses “neo-confederates” as supporting Paul. That one I have yet to see, especially since most of those with a history of racism in the South tend to vote Democrat. Nice try in the deflection, though. It is standard Ronulan writing, designed to smear and shame any who disagree with Paul, calling their motives into question, not realizing that, while most Paul opponets liek many of Paul’s ideas, we can neither ignore the support from the Truth movement and the white supremacists, nor Paul’s repeated calls for retreat in Iraq and to completely run from the Middle East, sounding more like a liberal while saying “if we would just leave them alone, they would leave us alone.” A blame America attitude, and one that is wholey ignorant of actual international issues.

Oh, and by the way, Andy still hasn’t opened up his comments for the debate he says he wants to have with the Ronulans. Posting a random email ain’t cuttin’ it, EA. Come on, open comments up.

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10 Responses to “A Paultard Writes Andrew Sullivan”

  1. John Campbell says:

    Before commenting I figured I would search your blog and see if there was anything of substance, pro or con, regarding Ron Paul. I went back a month (that was all I could tolerate) and, sorry to say, nothing but juvenile posts full of name calling, rumor, and guilt by association.

    The man has many controversially positions on a wide variety of issues. Maybe you could find something interesting to write about.

    You disagree with his non-interventionist foreign policy and believe instead that we should invade countries pre-emptively and at will just because we can. I get that. But don’t be surprised if you get labeled as a neocon for it.

    To try to draw equivalency between the term “neo-con” and all the deragatory name calling throughout your numerous posts describing Ron Paul and his supporters speaks volumes about your level of muturity. Or perhaps you just don’t have anything useful to contribute.

  2. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Campbell Soup wasn’t around on 9-11-01 when 19 evil islamomaniacs killed 2,996 innocent Americans and 120 foreigners in three US states in three hours? Was he around on February 23, 1998 when Osama bin Laden declared Jihad on Jews, Crusaders and Allies – both military AND civilians? That’s right Blackbeard… the war on terror that was declared on US in 1998 is OUR FAULT! The left-wingbats sure are from Hollywood, blue states and Uranus!

  3. John Campbell says:

    Ah yes, more name calling. What high school do you guys go to? Actually I’m pretty sure I haven’t been called Campbell Soup since junior high.

    “…19 evil islamomaniacs…” none of them Iraqis.

    “…Osama bin Laden declared Jihad…” also not Iraqi.

    If you think we went into Iraq for anything other than oil, you are deluded. All the other reasons have been proven false including aluminum tubes, uranium yellow cake from Niger, chemical and biological weapons, mobile chemical weapons labs and Iraqi involvement in 9/11 including the supposed Mohammed Atta meeting in Praque. All of it false.

    Maybe you are willing to give Bush the benefit of the doubt and chalk every one of these up to inacurate intelligence, but I wasn’t born yesterday.

    Before our invasion, Iraq was a secular country and there was no Al Queda in Iraq. Sure Saddam was a miserable dictator, but then I could easily name 20 other countries with dictators as bad or worse. Should we invade them all?

    Ron Paul supported military action in Afghanistan. He also advocated letters of marque and reprisal to bring Bin Laden to justice. I would think you pirate guys would know all about that. Contracting with private mercinaries to hunt down and kill or capture Bin Laden could not have turned out any worse and certainly would have cost a whole lot less.

  4. drstrangeloveb52isok says:

    Our Death Star Rectal Beam indicator has printed out that John Campbell is the twin CLONE of John Ryan…. How are things on the CNN talking points septic left these days? And Impeached Bubba Clinton is your ONLY re-elected two-term democratic president since FDR in 1944… and during WW II? Campbell Soup – yeah right!
    My copilot – Chewbacca say’s “I eat Campbell’s Soup for lunch!” MMM GOOD!

  5. drstrangeloveb52isok says:

    PS: “I am a product of NY Senaturd Hitlery Rotten Clinton’s ‘pub lick skool edyoukayshun cesstem!” – Her Thighness 2008?

  6. John Campbell says:

    I have never heard of John Ryan and never voted Democrat in my life.

    This is my last post. Next time ThePiratesCove shows up in my Google hit list, I will know better than to waste my time. Clearly my first comment to this thread was right on target.

  7. Stx says:

    AH yes, you right naything bad about the savior RonPaul and the Paultards come a running.

    I still would like Ron Pal to disassociate himself from the crazy Stormfromt and andti-Semites. And to disassociate himself form the 9/11 Truthers. If he comes out and says that he disavows their viewpoints, I might listen to him more. He does have some really good domestic points, but foreign policy-wise, he is dillusional. We can not run from the world and let the world got to hell. We need to protect our allies and fight our enemies. Al Queda and the rst of the Islamo-fascists declared was on us long before Gergre W was elected. And we did’t go into Iraq for oil or else we would have just taken it over and gas pricces would not be as high as it is now.

  8. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    … John Campbell … “Systems Armed – FIRE.”
    =======>>>>>>>>>>>>> KABOOM!
    – Sorry William Teach!
    — Didn’t think Demlibloonies were thin-skinned?

  9. Notice how none of the Ronulans ever seem to distance themselves from the Truther movement?

  10. “most of those with a history of racism in the South tend to vote Democrat”

    Umm, not in 30 years, they haven’t. What are you basing this statement on?

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