SMT: House Caves To Al Qaeda Lobby

It was a choice between a front page New York Times article on an eco-friendly potato chip plant (no, seriously, front page. And linked to climate change, too!) or the latest House surrender in Iraq and to Muslim extremists legislation. The Surrender Monkey is kinda bored, lately, and begged to be given a forum prior to Friday.

The interesting thing is, this kind of retreat and defeat legislation has become so normal, that the story is considered to be “other news” by the Gray Lady nowadays

WASHINGTON, Nov. 14 — The House on Wednesday approved $50 billion of the nearly $200 billion that President Bush had requested for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan but attached many strings to the measure, virtually guaranteeing that Senate Republicans would block it.

The strings included a requirement that troop withdrawals begin within 30 days, a narrowing of the mission to focus on counterterrorism and on training Iraqi security forces, and a goal of full withdrawal by mid-December 2008.

The bill would also require all American personnel, including C.I.A.operatives, to follow Army Field Manual rules on torture, among them a ban on waterboarding, an interrogation technique that simulates drowning without causing death.

Does Al Qaeda and the other Muslim extremist groups have a registered lobbying group? I guess MoveOn, the ACLU, and a few others count, but, the way the Democrats keep doing this, and the language, such as making nice nice to know terrorists in captivity, is over the top, making me consider the possibility that there is actually a lobbying group, pumping lots of money in to Dem coffers.

Or, it could be that the Democrats are just so invested in defeat in Iraq and their BDS, that they just do not care what the outcomes of such legislation would be.

Michelle Malkincovered this story, and points out that 15 Democrats voted against the legislation, and 4 Republicans voted for it. Rather then keep you guessing, Walter B. Jones, (R-NC), who represents NC District 3, which includes Camp Lejune, among other military bases. Thanks, Walt, for your surrender vote. The final tally was 218-203, which means the Dem surrender legislation is losing ground among the Defeatocrats. I guess some of them are realizing that much progress is being made, so let’s not surrender.

Gateway Punditsays “Ruh Roh..Cut and Runners Cut and Run-Dems Bail on Pelosi”

Now, Nancy Pelosi is right on one thing: the government of Iraq needs to make some progress. Of course, our Congress has done less then the Iraqi government this year, and it took quite 4 years from the end of the American Revolution to get the Constitution adopted in 1787. It was not fully ratified till May 29, 1790. Washington did not even take office as president till 1789, 6 years after the end of the Revolution.

Let’s not forget, though

But in pushing for a vote on Wednesday on the Orderly and Responsible Iraq Redeployment Appropriations Act, Democrats sought to remind constituents of their continuing opposition to the war.

In other words, even the NY Times understands that this was just another political stunt.

More: Now that the SQL seems to be running correctly (I hope there is not more crap from the hack in there), best liberal comment, via Crooks and Liars (which seems appropriate for a liberal website, ya know)

You know how the Dems always cave when Bush accuses them of giving comfort to the terrorists? Bankrupting the army? “do you want to lose this war?” You know, all that BS?

Now imagine if every GOP senator kept repeating those same questions, over & over, in a filibuster?

This is why the Dems always cave. They should know how to counteract this crap by now, but they don’t.

Liberal thought: asking liberals is they want to lose the war is crap. Can’t make this up! Furthermore, I do not want to imagine GOP senators asking those questions; I want to see them actually do it. Starting 4 years ago.

Oh, and Once Upon A Time… says the US is engaged in genocide in Iraq. Typical hysterical liberal. Reality Based Community my ass.

In the meantime, innocent Iraqis are dying in untold and intentionally uncounted numbers. STOP FUNDING THE GENOCIDE.

Another America hating lib.

See much more at Memeorandum.

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25 Responses to “SMT: House Caves To Al Qaeda Lobby”

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  5. Angel says:

    cut and run ..ugly words eh!

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  8. Silke says:

    I agree the strings Congress keeps trying to put on the funding for the war in Iraq is frustrating but I do support there attempt to ban waterboarding. I hope that part of the legislation passes.

  9. I think it has been nominated for the official Dem Party slogan, Angel.

    You are entitled to your opinion on waterboarding, Silke. For the most part, I am against it, except in extreme cases, like with KSM. I would like to see other types of measures, such as a drug like in all the spy books, that would be reliable. However, you know that groups like the ACLU would decry that, too.

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  16. drstrangeloveb52isok says:

    Lincoln and FDR would have arrested these treasonous bastards and incarercerated them until after the war on terrorism was over! Treasonous scumbags these left-winglunes are….. 100% scum.

  17. Silke says:

    This is going to be a very long war. That’s why it’s important we don’t compromise our bedrock principles (such as torture) for fear of losing what makes us special in the first place.

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  19. 123beta says:

    kos For Lunch…

    And then Karl just burps.
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  24. drstrangeloveb52isok says:

    ACLU = Arabs Communists Liberals United!
    ACLU = Anti Christians Liberals United!
    ACLU = Atheists Chicoms Liberals United!

    Did you notice the one constant here?


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