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Edwards Comedian During Tuesday Debates

I guess he is trying to be the new Robin Williams (back when he did stand up) Former senator John Edwards (N.C.), lingering in third place in most polls, took the lead in attacking Clinton as Democrats gathered for the fourth of their six official debates. He mocked Clinton for voting to designate Iran’s Revolutionary […]

Blogrolling Updates

FYI, if you are still having issues getting Blogrolling to update your site since the September 28th snafu, and you are using WordPress, you might try turning on the WP Cache plugin. Might just be a coincidence, but ever since I turned it on, I have had no problems with updating. BTW, from what I […]

Child Attacked For Wearing Soldier Costume

Via Texas Fred comes this disgusting story from Malagent’s Domain On my way home tonight I was drawn into an incident that has me so angry that I could not even write about it until I calmed down a bit. In a residential neighborhood I stopped at an intersection and witnessed several children who appeared […]

Ron Paul Loves Kucinich

More proof that Ron Paul is not a Reagan Conservative, and is wrong for America. Certainly as a Republican. His love fest of Chuck Hagel and Dennis Kucinich, appalling. Updating: Time has a gushy article on the Ronulans. Mostly. There are a few bits on page 2 that are sure to get Joel Stein some […]

TTLF: Bad News, Army Needs More Contractors

This is not getting much airplay in the MSM U.S. combat deaths in Iraq for the last month have dropped by more than two-thirds compared with October of last year, while the total death toll has been reduced almost 50 percent since September. The bulk of deaths are still occurring in Baghdad, which was also […]

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