Ron Paul Loves Kucinich

More proof that Ron Paul is not a Reagan Conservative, and is wrong for America. Certainly as a Republican. His love fest of Chuck Hagel and Dennis Kucinich, appalling.

Updating: Time has a gushy article on the Ronulans. Mostly. There are a few bits on page 2 that are sure to get Joel Stein some angry, and, as typical with the Ronulans, weird emails.

Excitable Andy mentions the same article. Funny how he STILL has not opened his comments so he can have a discussion with the Ronulans. Put your money where your mouth is, Andy, and let’s see how you like their spamathons.

Right Wing Nut House wonders if Paul is a panderer to the paranoid. Long, excellent article by Rick, well worth the read to understand the Ronulans.

Liberal Values discusses possible legal violations regarding spam emails by the Paultards, as does Blue Crab Boulevard.

And for fun, Beth (MVRWC) has a Paul Haiku!

When Ron Paul supporters show up in the Prison Planet forums, makes one wonder about what they really stand for. Prison Planet has also been posting many pro-Paul articles and video’s. For those unfamiliar with Prison Planet, it is a major Truther/New World Order type site. Owned by Alex Jones, a major Truther, who has donated to Paul.

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