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Girls ‘N Guns

Been awhile since I had a “being a male pig” post Girls and Guns BTSUploaded by girlsandguns The Muzzies wouldn’t even get a shot off with these girls around. Considering that most probably have no idea what a woman actually looks like,,,,,

DUmmies Simply Love That Hillary!

Cross-posted at Right Wing News.  Or not. By now, everyone in the ‘spere knows about Hillary’s little gaffe, to whit, planting questions at a Townhall meeting (also mentioned yesterday on Right Wing News by Rob Port of Say Anything.) Interestingly, a DUmmie compares this to Hils whining about someone planting a question about her pro-Iraq War Operation Iraqi […]

Questions For Climahysterics

Simple stuff, really How exactly is this extremely slight warming trend, in which it was actually warmer in the 1930’s, with much less cars, different from billions of years of Earth’s history? If global warming as caused by Man is such a danger, why do all the leaders in the movement, plus politicians and such, […]

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Happy Sunday! It is another gorgeous day in the U.S.A., and it is not only Veteran’s Day weekend, but Saturday was the Marines’ birthday, having been born Nov. 10, 1921. The Marines logo is meant to be part of this pinup by Baron Von Lind, which is why I did not add its logo like […]

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