Questions For Climahysterics

Simple stuff, really

  1. How exactly is this extremely slight warming trend, in which it was actually warmer in the 1930’s, with much less cars, different from billions of years of Earth’s history?
  2. If global warming as caused by Man is such a danger, why do all the leaders in the movement, plus politicians and such, never actually live the life they want everyone else to live?
  3. Why do all the climate change leaders seem to be doing all they can to gain notariety and monetary rewards?
  4. Why are political and beauracratic documents by alarmists more important the billions of years of scientific facts?
  5. Why do the True Believers require the “deniers” to provide proof of billions of years of climate change on the Earth?
  6. If it is so real and so bad, why will the climate change leaders never debate the opposition, instead, passing out talking points to their disciples?

Go for it!

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2 Responses to “Questions For Climahysterics”

  1. John Ryan says:

    #1 Global climate change has many components. We can only try to mitigate the human component.
    #2 The human component caused by the extremely wealthy is miniscule when compared to what the rest of humans cause.
    #3 Gore contributed ALL of his Nobel Prize money to a charitable foundation.
    #4 Scientific consensus is more important,

    #5 I was unawre that the true believers required this. However over the last 4 billion years most reality based humans would of course believe that the planet has gone through emense changes. Many of the “deniers” seem to think that the earth is only 10,000 years old and has NOT gonne through changes. They think that the biggest change that took place was the big flood, the one that killed all the bad people, killed the dinosaurs, and made the Grand Canyon.
    #6 They will debate and they will publish in peer reviewed journals.

    Look Teach the north pole ice cap is melting.
    Santa is going to have to live underwater soon in a sub.
    His sled will have to be pulled by dolphins.
    At least some progress is being made, you are no longer mentioning “facts” like there is more ice in Antarica now.

    Might it be possible that the climate is changing ?
    Might it be possible that man has an impact ?

  2. Silke says:

    1. The world was not warmer in the 1930’s, you are referring to temperature averages in the United States. Please see figure FAQ 3.1 Figure 1Global Mean Temperature on page 104:

    2. Whether some people change their lives or not has nothing to do with whether global warming is real. I agree the private jets are an issue but that only proves some people are hypocrites. It has nothing to do with the scientific evidence.

    3. I am only familiar with Al Gore and as John stated, he contributed his prize money to a charitable foundation.

    4. The IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report documents those “billions of years of scientific facts” you refer to. In fact here it in Chapter 6 – Palaeoclimate: The IPCC does not conduct its own research, rather the assessment it writes is based on studies already published in peer-reviewed literature (which is the standard for good science). Once all this information is gathered, the IPCC’s report is then reviewed by hundred of other scientists. Then it is opened for critical review to an even wider audience – practically anyone can comment. This is a transparent and open process that has welcomed critical voices. It’s not perfect but according to most experts in this field it represents the best information on climate change.

    5. There is no doubt that the Earth’s climate has changed in the past, well before humans could have influenced it. But even natural reasons have a cause – such as changes in the Earth’s rotation around the Sun, etc. The “deniers” claim the cause is natural but have provided no evidence for the current trend. Here’s your chance Teach. Provide the scientific study that supports your argument.

    6. They are debating. In fact you can see all the review comments and responses to the IPCC’s report right here:

    I would really appreciate an answer to my request in #5.

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