Crackheads Hacked My htaccess File

Serious language ahead

Fucking sons of a bitch cocksuckers hacked my htaccess file at some point during the day, never did check the time, had to have happened after 3pm, which is when I last posted something with Crackberry. Fuck, shit, cocksmoking retards need to die die die!

Fortunately, the idea that the fucktards may have put a redirect in the htaccess file occurred after checking the SQL comments, and the domain hosting company.

Had to go in and change all the damned passwords for the blog, several users, and at Dreamhost. Wish I could track down the shitheads, I have a cute little virus I’d release on their site.

BTW, when shit like this happens, it is a good idea to do a backup, which is what I plan to do after I post this fucking rant.

Ya know, there are times when we need better curse words!

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