Iraq Awakens

While our troops take a well deserved break for a Thanksgiving meal, they can rest assured that they have done a great job in working towards a safe and stable Iraq

Determined to rise up against al Qaeda terrorists, concerned local citizens, working together with coalition forces, have started neighborhood watch programs in this area of northern Iraq.

The citizens are calling the movement “Sahwa,” an Arabic term that means “awakening.”

The neighborhood watch programs were established Nov. 14, two weeks after local citizens approached soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment, with the idea. More than 1,000 citizens showed up, ready to be recruited to take up arms in defense against the terrorists in the region.

The program provides the citizens with weapons and a regular paycheck and has the goal not only of providing employment, but also improving security throughout the region.

“This is the biggest thing going on (for the local Iraqis) … because one, it’s putting money in their pockets and stimulating the local economy, and two, these people really want to provide their own security,” said Maj. John Allen, 1-87 Infantry operations officer.

Won’t see that one in the MSM. What we are seeing, though, is sure to peg the left wing seethometer (via Blogs For Victory)

Violence in Iraq has fallen at a rate that has surprised military commanders and even one of the architects of the “surge” that boosted US troop numbers in the country this year, according to figures gathered by the US.

The figures show the numbers of suicide attacks, roadside bombings, mortar and other attacks on US forces and on the Iraqi population have more than halved since 30,000 extra troops in June.

Doesn’t that mean the surge is, you know, working?

I did fly over that story on some left wing site or two, and they were decidedly unhappy about the progress being made in Iraq.

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3 Responses to “Iraq Awakens”

  1. Stacy says:

    Happy Thanksgiving good sir.

  2. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    YES it is working Blackbeard! Stacy and you and I can walk the streets of Baghdad now (75% of most of the 18 districts) and are safer in Babylon than in Detroit, North Filthadelphia and Washington ‘HOOD’ DC! Imagine that and General Petraeus was brilliant and IS NOT getting his accolades because of the treasonous left-wingding media. Happy Thanksgiving and we have knocked the STUFFING out of Al-Qaeda sir.

  3. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you, Stacy and Darth!

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