Most Ready For Green Change. But Will They?

This is a refrain I keep mentioning time and time again: climahysterics of all stripes, from the leaders who fly all over the world preaching how bad Man is, to their adherents, who lap up the proclamations, fail to live the lifestyle they claim will solve global warming. So, this poll is actually quite amusing

Most people are ready to make personal sacrifices to address climate change, according to a BBC poll of 22,000 people in 21 countries.

Four out of five people said they were prepared to change their lifestyle – even in the US and China, the world’s two biggest emitters of carbon dioxide.

Opinion was split over tax rises on oil and coal – 44% against, 50% in favour.

BBC environment reporter Matt McGrath says the poll suggests that in many countries people are more willing than their governments to contemplate serious changes to their lifestyles to combat global warming.

Overall, 83% of respondents throughout the world agreed that individuals would definitely or probably have to make lifestyle changes to reduce the amount of climate-changing gases they produce.

If they are so prepared to change their lifestyle, then why don’t they? Why haven’t they?

The better question is, why won’t they? They can talk all they want, and make cute little gestures, such as turning all the lights off during a planned demonstration, but they still are out there driving their SUVs and watching their climate change leaders fly on private jets all over the world to discuss climate change, all the while pushing the adherents to buy carbon offsets. I wonder how many of the adherents are suckers enough to buy those carbon credits, which, of course, allow them to avoid living the life they say everyone else should live.

There always seems to be some excuse that the adherents use to avoid living the life. Quite often it comes down to “I want the government to take care of it.” This is typical liberal abdication of personal responsibility. It is always someone elses obligation to “do something,” never their own. They go to their rallies, demonstrations, and concerts, read the books, watch the movies, ape the talking points, but never follow through with personal action. They never demand that their climahystericy leaders live the life, and stop flying all over the world, driving large vehicles, and living in large homes that use tons of power.

So, they can “be ready” all they want, but, if they were not willing to make changes in the past, aren’t making changes now, what makes anyone think they will change in the future? Personally, I would like to see them devote themselves to true environmental issues, such as, instead of complaining about CO2 from auto’s, worry about the actual pollutants that come from auto’s.

Instead, what we get are useless gestures, such as NBC’s “Green Is Universal” week (link via Sister Toldjah), in which they turn out the lights in the studio during half time of the Eagles-Dallas game. This is not about being truly green, ie, environmentally responsible: it is about global warming as caused by Man. Funny how they flew several reporters around the globe to make the point that we should stop with the CO2. Perhaps if the liberals would allow the building of nuclear power plants, stop blocking wind farms such as the Cape Wind Project, and not have hissy fits over power lines coming from solar energy sites, NBC wouldn’t have to turn the lights off.

Hot Air has video of the staged event, and Bryan writes

At halftime, Bob Costas tossed to Matt Lauer, who was standing in a bleak vista in front of what appeared to be a pack of sled dogs somewhere in the Arctic Circle. The crew bathed Lauer’s set with what looks like several hundred square yards of dazzling light. Judging by the scale of the Huskies compared to Lauer, the light zone must go 50 or 60 yards straight back and probably at least a similar distance across. So that lit space alone probably offset the studio lights that some pinhead decided to turn off in the studio as a show of green power, dude. Then there were the heaters to warm up the on-camera divas, the power to run the cameras and comm gear, and floating soot in the air by burning the candles.

And, just to show how real the whole issue is, The Goracle was on NBC complaining that the news coverage of global warming was too balanced. So much for keeping it real. Of course, balanced, scientific, and real coverage would keep people from becoming hysterical and whipped up, so they won’t buy Gore’s books, movie, tickets to see him speak, and carbon offsets from the companies he is part of.

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4 Responses to “Most Ready For Green Change. But Will They?”

  1. Silke says:

    Teach, what kind of specific life-style changes do you think those who believe man is contributing to climate change should make?

  2. Start taking public transportation, drive highly fuel efficient cars only, no trucks, minivans, or SUV’s, limit air travel, and certainly no private jets, bike or walk when you can. No plastic bags at all, unplug appliances when not in use. Only take short baths. No hair dryers. No styrofoam. Sell your trash. Buy locally.

    These are all ideas that come straight from the Global Warming Survival Handbook. Yes, I have read it. Most of the ideas are good for the environment, though get silly when put in terms of global warming.

    Every 30 years or so, there is this huge deal made in the media. In the 70’s, it was the coming ice age. Before that, another warming trend was supposed to be happening. All sorts of “facts” will be thrown out to convince people that the world is ending. Yet, the trend reverses.

    Why should I believe any of it when the people who believe in it refuse to change their lifestyles?

  3. Silke says:

    I do use public transportation when it’s available (for instance when we lived in DC). I carpool with others to take kids to school. I don’t own a private jet and fly maybe once a year (if that) to see family. I do unplug appliances and very rarely use a hair dryer. I never buy styrofoam and I reuse or recycle all my plastic bags. We do own a truck but that is the next car to go and we only drive it locally. Our next car will definitely be a hybrid (or better if something else comes along) but we are a military family and buying a new car is not an option right now.

    I don’t know if this qualifies as “living the lifestyle” but I think it is pretty close. What do you think?

  4. John Ryan says:

    Yeah teach weren’t people stupid for what they believed in the past. Like thinking that the commies were going to take over. But people are smarter now aren’t they. I guess it helps to have all those computers and stuff. Plus also we have satellites to take pictures of the melting ice.

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