Bono Commits Liberal Suicide

Bono is proving that being liberal doesn’t mean one has to be insane and an appeaser, nor consumed by BDS. Of course, liberal in the British Isles doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as on the European mainland or here in the States.

While I have not always agreed with him, Bono is no poser, and, to use the old saying, keeps it real.

However, his latest Rolling Stone interview is going to put him on the liberal hit list. Check out Blue Star Chronicles or MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy for the full 411.

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3 Responses to “Bono Commits Liberal Suicide”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Liberals always understood WHAT Bush was trying to do, but liberals knew that it probably couldn’t be done by anyone let alone an incompetent like Bush. And failure would make a bad situation much worse.

  2. So, in other words, you libs know what needs to be done, but you let your BDS keep you from doing what is best for the USA, eh?

  3. Lithe says:


    Flying Model Airplanes…

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