Cheney In Hospital With Irregular Heartbeat. Libs Rejoice

I actually just heard about this on the drive home, hadn’t had a chance to check the news since about 2pm. I’m actually surprised so few are actually discussing this issue.

Vice President Dick Cheney will undergo further evaluation Monday of an irregular heartbeat, found Monday morning during a checkup for lingering cold symptoms, Cheney’s office said.

Doctors found atrial fibrillation, an abnormal rhythm involving the upper chambers of the heart.

Cheney is expected to go to George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D.C., for further evaluation and, if needed, will undergo cardioversion — delivery of an electric impulse to the heart, which is a standard treatment for atrial fibrillation.

Officials said this would be an outpatient procedure, and the vice president is expected to return home Monday night.

So, apparently they aren’t super worried about it at this time. Like with anyone, I wish all the best for VP Cheney and his family.

Of course, you know I couldn’t not check the leftard sites, right? The HuffPo wisely kept their comments closed, and most liberal sites are wise enought not to even post a story about it, knowing that some of us in the Right-o-sphere are going to do exactly what I am about to do. Let’s check the Dummies

  • How can you have an irregular heartbeat when… there is no heart?
  • you put a smile on my face. nt (this is a direct response about Cheney being in the hospital)
  • Are there any proctologists involved?? nt
  • This is what happens to rotten persons, they rot from the inside out-
  • Call me when they can’t find a pulse and I’ll dare any DUer to tell me not to celebrate.
  • I’m with you, Malaise… Not that I would wish ill on the guy — well, maybe…..
  • I’ve got my wine chillin’ already.
  • Hell yes! Dom Perignon would be called for! Great thought!

America Blog

  •  Doctors were unable to detect a conscience.
  •  Might I suggest some waterboarding? I hear its good for what ails you…
  •  Gee, hope all goes wrong for the bastard.
  •  If there is a GOD, I hope he strikes Cheney down this time for good.
  •  I bet the Devil himself has a special place in Hell reserved for Cheney. That bastard is a traitor and deserves to die slowly and painfully.
  •  Some hospital personnel have the opportunity to be national heroes.
  •  Atrial fibrillation can be cleared up with a couple of jolts of electricity to the chest. And when thay zap that old fuck I hope SOME smartass sets the meter from mild to FRY!
  •  So what’s the procedure?
    A common man’s pacemaker??
    I hope he survives.
    I don’t think I could handle the hypocrisy of a republican funeral again so soon. (unbelievable. Are you reading it as I am?)

I could easily keep going through the comments there, too. I only made it about an 1/8 of the way through.

The Raw Story

  • Some good news on an otherwise drab day .
  • Let’s keep our fingers crossed!
  • God teases us cruelly.
  • Man, if that evil prick kicks the bucket, party at my house…
  • Once again, Darth Cheney’s internal organs are trying to escape his half-human body. The best thing that could happen to this Country right now is that the organs succeed in escape.

    I can count on one hand the number of times I have wished death on anyone during my lifetime.

    This is most definitely one of them.

I’ll post more if some lefties throw up some posts.

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3 Responses to “Cheney In Hospital With Irregular Heartbeat. Libs Rejoice”

  1. tdothen says:

    As usual, the sinistrophere is not thinking clearly… IF (God forbid) Mr. Cheney died, or felt compelled to resign for medical reasons, Bush would appoint his successor, who would then have a year as an incumbent in the Bush administration, and a potential chance to be the next Republican nominee for president.

  2. Good points. However, when have the lefties ever thought clearly? Many of them are actually thinking that Pelosi would automatically assume the VP post. Lost little critters, they are.

  3. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    VP Vader and Lynne Cheney are patriots in every sense of the word! God bless them and their family in today’s sick world…..

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