TLF: NY Times Giddy That U.S.S.R. Is Back!

You really do have to love the socialists at the NY Times. They provide such wonderful comedy relief. Witness

Empowered by an oil boom that pushed the country’s trade surplus past $94 billion this year, Russia has been flexing its muscles abroad. At home, meanwhile, young and trendy Muscovites are in the throes of nostalgia for the staples of Soviet childhoods, relics of a time when the U.S.S.R. was at the height of superpower status.

Can’t you just hear the giddy giggline wafting from the board rooms on the top floors of the Times building? Of course, when the U.S.S.R. was a superpower, it was due to its military and nuclear weapons (something which the liberal anti-nuke crowd always ignored, instead focusing on the US and British inventories. Go figure.) The Soviet Unions actual “economy” was that of a third world country.

That may explain why one of the most popular fashion designers this fall is Denis Simachev, who is selling overcoats fastened with hammer-and-sickle buttons, gold jewelry minted to look like Soviet kopecks and shirts festooned with the Soviet coat of arms, complete with embroidered ears of wheat.

Oh, goody, something for the liberal crowd to re-embrace as fashion. They can wear them along with their Che shirts, BDS slogans, and Intifada kaffiyehs.

“People in their 30s see these kinds of symbols as reminders of happy memories, like going to pioneer camp where they lived together, ate breakfast together and played sports,” said Mr. Simachev, 33, who wears his hair in a Samurai-style ponytail. He insists he is no Communist — for one thing, his overcoats sell for about $2,100 and his T-shirts for about $600. His boutique is sandwiched between Hermès and Burberry stores on a pedestrian lane, Stoleshnikov, that is one of the capital’s most expensive shopping streets.

In other words, Simachev is making some serious cash by sucking in gullible people, kinda like Michael Moore does.

The story goes on and on and on, gushing over this neo-communist clothing. I wonder if the Times remembers all the millions upon millions of its own people the Soviet Union killed? Or the ones thrown in to gullags? The environmental damage they did? Now, now, let’s not get petty. The Times is giddy.

Lest you think I delved into the fashion pages, au contraire, rabbit! This story came from the Europe news page. Go figure.

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