WTW: Cabbies Becoming More Comfortable In Baghdad

Morning, y’all. Prophet Sallami Sallami Mohammed here on another White Trash Wednesday, and, like the Democrat Party and liberals worldwide, I am not happy with what is going on in Iraq. Things are starting to look rosy. I mean, Baghdada is probably less dangerous then Camden, Detroit, or Washington, D.C., at this point

Haider Abbas, a 36-year-old taxi driver, had only a few moments to answer what is often a life-or-death question in this city: Would he drive a passenger home?

The home, on that scorching afternoon last month, happened to be in Adhamiyah, a notoriously dangerous neighborhood where several cabbies had been gunned down. Abbas hadn’t been there in two years. But the fare pleaded that it had become safer, so the cabbie reluctantly agreed to go.

“To tell you the truth, I thought I had just traded my life for 5,000 dinars,” or $4, said Abbas, who was shocked when he arrived in the traffic-jammed streets of Adhamiyah to see shops open and people strolling in the road. “Then I suddenly realized that security really is returning to Baghdad.”

In a city where few residents believe official statements on declining violence, whether from the U.S. military or the Iraqi government, some of the most reliable figures on security improvements can be found on the odometers of Baghdad’s taxi drivers.

“There is a saying in Iraq that once you have seen death, you will not mind even if you have a life-threatening fever,” said cabbie Haider Salim, 38, a resident of the Kadhimiyah neighborhood who drives a light blue Brazilian-made Volkswagen. “Of course Baghdad is still very, very dangerous. But we can live with this fever, because we are so hopeful that the situation will improve even more.”

This is not good, either for the jihad or for Democrats. How can we rail against Bush, splitting the people of the USA, and continue our attempt at taking over the world and instituting Islamic rule when things are going so well in Iraq. Sure, the article threw in a few negatives, ie, many people are still afraid to use cabs, but the picture is certainly rosier for the USA and the Iraqi people then it was just 6 months ago.

So, come on, Democrats, get off the bench and restart your complaints about other things that are going bad in Iraq. Hell, make something up. Y’all are good at that. Certainly you can find some damn meme with traction. The one about the political situation just ain’t cuttin’ it. Hell, it took y’all damn near a decade to get a working government after your revolution, and the Brits were’t running around blowing people up. I know the domestic surveillence program has hampered your ability to converse with those in the jihad movement, but, you can still send us emails to show your support, give us talking points, and let us know the best way to erode American confidence.

And you can also let us know what is wrong with the bastions of liberalism, ie, the New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, and other media outlets, for printing stories such as the above regularly now.

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