Daily Archives: October 24, 2004

The Guardian

Seems as if the Guardian has pulled the story from their website about advocating the assassination of President Bush if re-elected. Glad I save the whole thing, and, since they pulled it, I will post the whole thing: ——————— Dumb show Charlie Brooker Saturday October 23, 2004 The Guardian Heady times. The US election draws […]

News and Observer for Kerry.

Well, there’s a shock. As I sit in Duffy’s watching the giants (lose), I read the paper, laughing and snorting, causing the other patrons to wonder at what. In a totally expected editorial, the Raleigh News and Observer has endorsed John Kerry for President. I am amazed that it took them so long. Or maybe […]

Bumping that Traffic Up

I had read a good article by Bad Example about bumping ones traffic up about a month ago or so, when was checking the Showcase for new blogs. Definately worth a perusal. Me, I have only been blogging since July 2004, so I felt it was helpful. If you are new, submit a post. Alot […]

Woops, my bad.

Just learned something new. Using the trackback as the link doesn’t take one to the story on another blog. Have to use the permalink. So, for any bad links that have provided, My Bad. Sorry. When posting from regular Typepad (and I have the advanced turned on), you link with the permalink, not the trackback, […]

Sunday Morning Slow

Need a bit of a break from all the political stuff. So, did you know that there is not one, but two Pirates of the Caribbeean sequals coming? Awesome. Awesome to the max. Number 2 won’t be till the summer of 2006 or so. Do I love that movie? Yup. Can tell from my top […]

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