Daily Archives: October 18, 2004

NC: B50-K47

From Daily Thoughts. From a Survey USA poll. I wonder how this will change with the addition of the overseas ballots from our folks in Uniform? Lots of bases in NC and deployed troops from NC.

Bruce needs Valium. Lots

Video of Bruce Springsteen going, well, standard Liberal insane. I wonder if the Boss has taken lessons from Al Gore or Howard Dean? (hat tip to QandO)

He Mo, Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo

Maureen Dowd is at it again. Or continuing. Depending how often you can take reading her literary disasters. Every once in a while, she stops pretending she is Shakespeare’s ghost, and comes out with something slightly readable. But still laughable. First Dick Cheney said that supporting John Kerry could lead to another terrorist attack. Then […]

Fact Checking Kerry’s 5

FactCheck has been nice enought to provide us with the not 5, but 11 Bills of Kerry’s that have been passed into law. It’s nice and all, but 20 years, 11 Bills passed into law. Sure, as a huge Dodgers fan, I appreciate this: H.R.1900 (S.300): Awarded a congressional gold medal to Jackie Robinson (posthumously), […]

Todays Quote

“American liberals are making the same mistake in the war on terror that they made during the Cold War. They trust anti-American voices around the world more than they trust the American people. They believe that our responsibilities can be shoved onto the backs of other countries that will not help us. (Although even Kerry […]

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