Daily Archives: October 16, 2004

Tehran John

This could be extremely ugly for Kerry if true: Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been given to Kerry from the pro-Iranian lobby, possibly influencing the presidential candidate’s startling call to provide Tehran with the nuclear fuel it seeks, according to Iran’s Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy chairman Aryo Pirouznia. With top Iranian officials […]

5 Bills, 20 Years

Woo hoo. Kerry got 5 Bills passed, and 4 Resolutions, in 20 years. No wonder he doesn’t like to talk about his Senate years (Sean at Everything I Know is Wrong). Though, I do respect this one: A Bill To Authorize Appropriations For The Marine Mammal Protection Act Of 1972 And To Improve The Program […]

Brave Soldiers

Isn’t it funny how stories like this rarely make it to the MSM? FORT BRAGG, N.C. (AP) — George Perez lost his leg to a roadside bomb in Iraq more than a year ago, but despite the phantom pains that haunt him, he says he is determined to prove to the Army that he is […]

CNN polls

Kerry leads in the Pre Debate polls (hat tip to Little Miss Attila)

Canadian Drugs Good?

Nope. Even the Liberal New York Times says that Canadian drugs are not the answer. It may make political sense to point to Canada as a solution to high prescription drug prices in the United States. But many economists and health care experts say that importing drugs from countries that control their prices would do […]

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