Daily Archives: October 3, 2004

Killer Rabbits! Run away, run away!

You are about to die laughing! Update: the trackback is correct, but doesn’t lead to the correct page. Try this. Then scroll up a tad. Bump to Sunday.

An Aloha means Goodbye!

It could be, it might be, it is! Grand Slam. I miss Harry Carey. But I will settle for this. Go Astros! Take those Giants out of the Playoffs.

War Musing

Just a random thought. The Lefties continually say “Iraq never attacked us!” Did Afghanistan attack us? Did the Taliban attack us? Did either attack the 25 countries who initially were involved in the war in Afghanistan? Sure, there is that NATO treaty that says if one is attacked, all are attacked, and shall help respond. […]

Florida disenfranchisement (or is it stupidity)

Our Lefty friends our pontificating on Florida voters being disenfranchised. However, this same article that they are using for their complaints states: Thousands of Floridians who think they’re registered to vote could be turned away at the polls Nov. 2 because their voter registration forms weren’t completely filled out, officials said Friday. (Emphasis mine) If […]

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