Daily Archives: October 31, 2004

Kerry’s the Better Man (?)

In Sundays Raleigh News and Observer, they print editorials from around the world. As an off note, I am glad to see that they did not, at least this week, use the Guardian. I would like to think that a letter I wrote to them helped with that. But, they had an interesting one from […]

Great Googly Moogly!

Don’t forget to root for the Redskins today!

Sunday NC Quick Hits

North Carolina unemployment is down in most counties (bad news for Kerry and Ballentine, good for Bush and Easley) Latest Mason/Dixon shows Easley up 54 to 38 over Ballentine (625 RV) Edwards voted in Raleigh on Sat the 30th (after fixing his hair and makeup). He apparently jumped in line ahead of 70 others. Me, […]

Usama Dislikes Ta-Rez-Ah

If you haven’t caught the Saturday Night Live UBL skit, you missed a good one. Hopefully, someone will post the video today. However, Watcher of Weasels was nice enough to post the transcript. On the whole, if you ask my opinion, I don’t see much difference between the two candidates, although, and I will probably […]

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