Daily Archives: October 25, 2004

Brooker and Free Speech

Having perused many forums and chatboards at blogs about Mr Brooker, I have seen many a post from are Liberal friends, some of which are saying that what Brooker wrote was “Free Speech.” Well, Nay, it tis not. First of all. you have to be a US Citizen or a guest in our lovely country […]

NC Early Voting Myth

For all you North Carolina voters out there who plan on voting early, bring a picture ID. There is a pervasive rumor that all you a required to give to vote early is your name and address. I heard this multiple times in the voting area bith Saturday (I didn’t wait around to vote: 4-5 […]

Mr. Booker, Meet the USSS

And the bad news just keeps flowing for Mr. Booker and the Guardian (hat tip Drudge) Washington D.C.’s Secret Service is investigating Charlie Brooker of the UK Guardian. The entertainment writer’s weekend, anti-Bush tantrum, ending with the words, “John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr.–where are you now that we need you,” was […]

Ye Olde Hit(e) Countere

Wow. Being a sort of lower middle class folk in he Ecosystem, almost a full time air breather, to get 984 page views in a day is fantastic, with the vast majority coming after 8pm. Not bad for a Sunday. I would like to thank the great folks over at Powerline for the initial referal, […]

Asbury Park Press for Bush

This paper, in NJ, has a nice editorial on their endorsement of President Bush. I liked it due to it’s basis in reality. None of the partisan rhetoric that has inflicted, well, everything. Check it out here.

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