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Wonderful People at the Guardian

So glad that some of the crazy Brits can chime in on US elections (yes, I know not all Brits are like this.) “On November 2, the entire civilised world will be praying, praying Bush loses. And Sod’s law dictates he’ll probably win, thereby disproving the existence of God once and for all. The world […]

Why I am voting Bush

Many will, and have certainly, given much better discources on why they are voting for W. My take is actually very simple. I am an independent. I voted for Clinton’s 2nd, as I thought he was a better candidate for that time then Dole. I voted for Al “taking the short route to Insanity Rd” […]

NC Constitutional Amendments

Ogre’s Politics and Views has a good roundup and analysis of the 3 NC Amendments on the ballot. Y’all should take a gander. I agree with him, if it means anything. Keep taxes low.

Little Miss Attila

Wow!. Gotta say Wow! again. I have read some really great posts on why to vote for W, but this one is high cost swag! So Avast! and set sails to Little Miss Attila. Update: as Russ points out, the link was bad. Trackback worked. Try this link.

Hero’s For Bush Roundup

The Blogburst at Truth Laid Bear is complete, over 50 entries for it. Please check them out. Some fantastic entries, especially that one by Cap’n Jack Sparrow {ok, fine, it was a shameless plug :0) }

NC Governor Race Update

Mason-Dixon has it Easley 55%, Ballentine 35%, Undecided 10%. (Mason Dixon) Poll Conducted October 18-19, 625 RV who said they were likely to vote. There are 2 other components to the poll, a breakdown by region: ——————Easley Ballantine Undecided Northeast NC 53%—–37%——–10% Southeast NC 48%—–44%———8% Raleigh-Durham 65%—-26%———8% Greensboro- Winston-Salem 47%——42%——–12% Charlotte 63%——27% ——–10% Western NC […]

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