Daily Archives: October 29, 2004

Gimme Some Lovin’

Call me crazy, but I am so confident that W is going to win, that I have put this webpage together. Yes, I know there is still work to be done, and we cannot give up till it is in the bag, but, I just gotta believe. This song always makes me feel first rate. […]

Setting the Bar

Random thought before heading to work. Let’s suppose Kerry wins. His constant bloviation about everything being the direct responsibility of the POTUS really sets the bar high. What will Kerry do? Will he fly to Iraq to direct military actions, subplanting the field commanders? Will he personally hire people? Will he set the interest rate? […]

The NYTimes Boards the (Lefty) Blogosphere

NZ Bear noticed a piece in the Depressed, er, Grey Lady, which mentions the Ecosphere rankings, saying that the Daily Kos gets over 500k hits a day. Which of course means (after checking with NZ to make sure that I understood it), that Kos gets 500k hits, not unique viewers. Well, Ok. 500K blackhearts. But […]

DNC Must Have Scurvy

Boy, gotta love the DNC. Their Eagle commercial is a pip. Comparing John Kerry to an eagle is basically a loooooooser proposition. Maype they should have used a vulture?! Kerry is a carrion eater. He is not a hunter. He is picking at the remains. He does nothing original. He constant negativity and extreme partisanship […]

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