Daily Archives: October 9, 2004

I Love LA

It’s just another perfect day. Jose Lima, 9 inning shutout. Green, 2 solo HR’s. Dodgers 4-0 over Cardinals. First post season win since 1988. First complete game shutout since Hersheiser in 1988. A big difference? 1 base on balls. Jose had command. Inside, outside, up, down. No good hits by the Cards. And only 5 […]

DUers having hissy fits

Folks, this is the most outrageous thing I’ve read this election. A conservative group that owns TV outlets that reach into nearly a quarter of the nation’s homes is FORCING its local stations to PREEMPT ITS REGULAR PRIME-TIME COVERAGE, just days before the election, to air a film attacking Kerry’s military record. I won’t even […]

Debate Reactions

This is pretty much just pathetic. Three staff members talked to 30 people who (1) saw or knew of the debates… (2) but did not watch the after-debate analysis by the media and (3) wanted to talk to us. Out of 30 people, 21 people said Bush won tonight’s debate. 6 people said Kerry won. […]

I Have a Plan

How many times did Kerry say “I have a plan?” 12. The word “plan?” 36. How many times did he explain one? Zero. The man had a chance to destroy W on the environment. Not a win/lose type issue, but, nonetheless, a chance to really get Bush. But, instead: KERRY: Boy, to listen to that […]

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