Daily Archives: October 20, 2004

Teresa Knows Something Kerry Doesn’t

At least Teresa (or her handlers) knew enough to apologize to First Lady Laura for her slur on Laura’s work experience: “I had forgotten that Mrs. Bush had worked as a schoolteacher and librarian, and there couldn’t be a more important job than teaching our children,” Heinz Kerry said. “As someone who has been both […]

Hero’s For Bush

Tis I, Captain Jack Sparrow, come to tell ye that I shall be supporting Cap'n George in his reelection over that bilge rat, Senator John Kerry and and his pan wench, First mate John Edwards. George, may I call him George, is a fine lad, who has raised his Jolly Roger, and declared war on […]

Iran Endorses Bush

TEHRAN, Iran – The head of Iran’s security council said Tuesday that the re-election of President Bush was in Tehran’s best interests, despite the administration’s axis of evil label, accusations that Iran harbors al-Qaida terrorists and threats of sanctions over the country’s nuclear ambitions. Historically, Democrats have harmed Iran more than Republicans, said Hasan Rowhani, […]

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